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Art Tutorial thumbnail Art Tutorial - This art tutorial appears to be fairly popular. I wrote most of it back in 2005 and haven't really gotten around to adding much of the insights I've had since.
Metafight thumbnail Metafight / Blaster Master - This is most definitely one of my top 5 favorite NES games. Tiny jumping tank and tinier pilot which can jump out and do measly damage, almost turning regular enemies into minibosses. Exploration, robot enemies, upgrades. I never did finish the game though. It was hard.
Rebelsquad thumbnail Rebelsquad (X-COM) - X-COM. It's one of those games which I really like but rarely play because it feels like such an investment to allocate the time and focus needed for a proper X-COM session. Nevertheless, it's one of my top 5 game-projects-to-finish-one-day (a clone, unless some rich guy buys me the rights). Another one is MoO1.
MoO thumbnail Master of Orion 1 - Perhaps I am one of those in minority who prefers the first game over the second, due to its focus on "macro" oriented strategy. A bit into this project I derailed and started on my own setting for a 4X game. I really want to work more on this project. You can set up games that scale well with the time commitment you're willing to make as a player.
Megaman Legends thumbnail Megaman Legends - This is one of my favourite game series. Megaman Legends has some wonderful characters, with Tron Bonne and the ReaverBots being the stars of the show. I threw in some classic Megaman designs just for kicks. As for the gameplay, I haven't worked much on that yet. I kind of like the setting and characters more.
Kawaiik thumbnail Kawaiik - Quake Done Cute. I'm quite fond of the Quake 1 setting with its Lovecraftian influences. Even though the designs were all over the place, there was a certain coherence to the atmosphere. I prefer to play it in software render for the noise and grit. My take on it here is a bit different though...
Bomber Queen thumbnail Bomber Queen - Robo Warrior, a.k.a. Bomber King seems to be an experimental version of a Bomberman game. It had a fun first level but quickly became monotonous later on. With this project I try to give the game mechanics a meaning in the story and setting. Anecdote: As a kid I managed to do the 'infinite items' cheat by random chance.
Xexyz thumbnail Xexyz / Turtle game - This game has an atmospheric first level, unfortunately followed up by monotony and sloppy platform game mechanics. My project here turned into an X-COM style game halfway through. I couldn't resist, since many of the components (such as suits and vehicles) were there.
LEGO thumbnail The LEGO project - I grew up with construction toys, and LEGO is one of the best. However, as a concept artist I wish there were more parts geared towards making cool mechanical designs, so I set out to design some which I thought would be useful. I also took a look at the old LEGO Space setting. And no, The LEGO Group has no interest in doing something like this.
FSM thumbnail Flying Spaghetti Monster - More than likely, You have already been Touched by His Noodly Appendage.

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