GW redesign project


I got into Games Workshop stuff back in the start of the 90's, then I put it on the shelf somewhere around 97. It got too expensive and I lost patience with it. My 40K collection includes Eldar, some Space Marines and various random models. I also have some old 'Space Marine - Epic' stuff, namely Chaos, Squats and Orks.

The Epic stuff is interesting because it is a little like old game sprites, small and vague, allowing me to inject my own interpretations. It's been a while since I drew anything from the Warhammer Lore though, but now it's time again! This page is a work in progress and may very well look unfinished until the end of time.


Design guidelines

After having looked a few things Slaanesh, I tried to figure out which ones of the elements I'd like to retain and which ones has to go.


I have the old 1990 plastic sprues that came with the Chaos Horde box (they were pretty cool with the random marines). I have a few Daemon Engines and other metal figs. Then I've looked online for a few old and obscure things, like Man-o-war.

Epic Slaanesh Marine with scythes and whip.

The Redesigns

Daemon Princess

A female figure cloaked in tentacles. She has made her way up through the ranks and is now powerful enough to challenge even the greater daemons of Slaanesh in her lust for power (a little insurrection?). She has her own retinue shaped after her whims and plans to introduce certain reforms into the general Slaanesh population.

Chaos Marine

Whilst Slaanesh stuff might come in random happy pastel colours, I think it's a good idea to have an anchor colour and certain colour codes. Weapons and heads needs to be spotted quickly for example, so it might help with their colour being invariable across the board. The armour I'm not sure about. Perhaps it should be black with a trim colour corresponding to tactical role, such as Grunt, Special, Heavy, Squad leader, High ranking officer. I'm undecided.

As for the armour shapes, I'm using the design from one of the old Epic Chaos Horde sprues. The face might look something like the mask from scream, with slender horns going up, reflecting the horns on the Daemonette design I did.

The close combat marine has scythes (which I borrowed from one of my own designs from my DaemonGate universe) and a whip. The whip can lash out and reel in smaller units, perhaps gripping them. Once embraced, damage can be dealt with the scythes.


Okay, so it doesn't have claws or goat legs, so maybe it's something else, like a fallen sister of battle or some cultist chick. At any rate, they have tits and they're showing them, and that's what counts.

Epic Slaanesh Noise Marines and Daemonettes

Epic Slaanesh Noise Marines and Daemonettes


Is there a difference between steeds and mounts? Anyways, these are based on the plastic fig from Epic, which was based on the old 28mm metal fig (you can tell by the markings on the leg of the marine). Although the metal fig has a lot of details, I liked the smooth look better, it gives the Slaanesh character... they're not just another wrinkly and spiky scary demon faction. I shortened the legs because I like short legs and it makes the rider more prominent. Also, it means the figure will be able to fit both feet on a small base.

The rider is now a Daemonette. With their long chain swords they work well as cavalry. However, I can imagine that Chaos Marines could ride it too. Maybe heavy weapon marines weight down the steed causing movement penalty. A champion could also ride a steed. I like it when I can puzzle things together as a player (and modeller).


I don't like the scorpion look, so I made something else based on the seahorse steed and just the scorpion tail bit. It's a bit like a mantis now.

Epic Slaanesh Steeds, Fiends and Dreadnoughts


Inspired by the Space Crusade Dreadnought (also in Epic) and the Questor which is similar in shape. It can be armed with Horns or a Lance+Shield gizmo, or some other stuff.

War Balloon

Something like this seems to suit the round forms of the Slaanesh, and it's exotic. Based on Man-o-War Dwarven war balloon and Slaanesh ships.

Small titan

Warhound or reaver size. Phallic. A Man-o-War Slaanesh ship castle on the back. It drags in enemies with the tentacles and then impales them.

Epic Slaanesh Daemon Engines, Knights and and Titans


Epic Slaanesh weapons

Long 'horns'

These are precise sniper weapons, except instead of bullets they send out a string of sound which can cause harmful resonance, shattering the target. Because of the difficulty finding the right tone, the weapon rarely has any effect and shields will cause the sound to diffract (making titans and so immune).


Short range with some psychological effects.


A large speaker sending out shockwaves, wide angle template. Stun/Knock over? I don't know.

Scythe and Claw

Close combat weapons.

Impaler and Lance

You stick things on them.

Tentacle and Whip

Can be used to lash out a short distance and grab stuff.

Stinger and Tongue

Close combat weapon with some sort of effect.

- by Niklas Jansson, 2007