A note

This is a quick (and incomplete) pitch that I made a few years ago. Nothing came of it and the NDA has now expired. I did some complimentary illustrations later, but there are still a quite a few missing ones. The idea was to do something in the vein of X-COM (the original isometric game), but with a collection of Namco's characters and monsters.

Game intro

We start by following one of the game heroes/heroines (maybe Kissy from Baraduke), going about his/her daily business. Perhaps the monsters haven't been attacking lately. This calm is interrupted by the sudden appearance of a portal. Kuma (a bear from Tekken) appears. He's asking for help to defeat a conglomerate of monsters attacking his or some other homeworld. That's why it has been so quiet - the monsters are busy causing trouble somewhere else!

The monsters are still somewhat disorganized, so Kuma is in the process of amassing an elite force of heroes and heroines which knows how to fight the monsters.

Through the portal... Kissy, DigDug guy (husband?), Valkyrie, Gil, Ivy, Momo, Pac Man, Makoto (controlling a Rally-X RC car), Jen-Tai, Kuma, Splatterhouse guy. Salvou in the background.

The strange bear takes the floor and explains to the group that his world is slowly being infiltrated and invaded by aliens from other dimensions. He managed to secure some funding from the nations of the world to create an Extra-dimensional Defense Force, the XDF, but he has to compete with other, ill conceived projects. He fears that mass panic will break out if the world finds out how dire the situation really is.

Will their combined heroics and technological expertise will save his world? The funds are running low, but they've got enough to set up a small secret base of operations somewhere...

Let's play

Placing our first base (HeadQuarters). Its radar facilities will only detect nearby UFO activities, but it can eventually be upgraded. Building several bases to cover more area is a necessity. Some of the bases might focus on UFO interception ability, with powerful hangars and radars, whilst others might build facilities for research or soldier training. The DigDug guy is overseeing the construction of the underground bases.

X-COM used illustrations in the background of all text boxes, and this helped immersion a bit. Here's Kuma deep in paperwork. Things are going ok, with nations continuing to show support.

Each base has a roster of available troopers of varying ability, and new ones can be recruited.

Setting up the individual troopers before going on a mission. As the game progresses, new armors and weapons from the various games become available (via research). In a turn based strategy game where each action is observed by the player, the player has a greater chance to bond with the characters. To facilitate this further, each trooper will record significant personal events in a log book.

Hangar view, managing the ships and their cargo. Before unloading, troops can use the ship's storage to change their gear.

UFO blips detected on radar! Launch interceptors!

UFO Shoot down.

Mission. Quick mockup screenshot showing the isometric tactical view. Here a small Toroid scout ship (from Xevious) has been shot down. Its two-man crew is now confronting the player's forces pouring out of the troop transport.

Mission over. MiB cleanup crew at site.

Researching weapons, armor and other stuff. Captured items give certain research bonuses.

Certain captured live enemies can reveal important information, such as how they encrypt their communications. Dead enemies can also reveal information about their weak points, giving bonuses in combat situations (critical hits?). [BG: Splatterhouse Rick, SC Ivy, Researchers]

LEFT: The engineers and workers are producing some new state-of-the-art suits of armor.

RIGHT: Soldiers will 'level up' automatically as they go on missions. Not too often, soldiers will also get a special training point which can be spent in a training facility. The background image could feature some quirky aerobics ("Makoto's coordination and agility training").

Wonder Momo enemies and armours. Don't let the hugging men get close!

Kuma's upset! Some nations are unhappy with XDF's inability to defend their region from incursions and moving their funding to other projects. If we're unlucky, they'll even consider making a deal with the enemy which could lead to game over.

Kissy's armoured suit and DigDug's inflation/harpoon guns can now be reproduced.

Story research: On the moon, an evil entity had discovered a rift between dimensions and is gathering other evil. It seems, to defeat this evil, we must build a ship and travel to the moon.

Things are going great, and Momo is lucky there are no photographers around.

There are a lot of ships which might suit a game like this. The good guys would use the player ships, and the bad guys the enemy ships.

Concept art and fan-art by Arne Niklas Jansson. No infringement intended.