In Ant Attack you play as a boy or a girl who moves around in an isometric 3D landscape made from large blocks. Ants are chasing you. You can throw grenades at the ants. The ants can not climb up on boxes, but they might surround you, stranding you on an 'isle' of sorts. The goal is to avoid the ants and find a boy or girl hidden somewhere in the block world. Once found, this person will follow you back to the start of the level, which is also the end goal.

Blood trail game mockup

Blood trail concepts

Blood trail beveled blocks


Necessary game verbs

These would enable the basic Ant Attack gameplay, including multiplayer. They could also be combined into a totally different kind of game.

Additional game verbs

These could open up a lot of possibilities, like tons of robots defending an outpost from invading Bloodhounds. Maybe some friendlies that follow the player around as bodyguards.

Uh oh, starting to feature creap

Gameplay comments, Negative feedback

Negative feedback. The player will start weak, but can find powerups. However, looking for powerups will attract Bloodhounds. Also, once the player has found the partner, the partner will slow him down, making the game harder.

A finite supply of Bloodhounds could give a more realistic feel, but create a problem with game balance. Finite ammo could be a fix for this. Time limits feels like a shoddy solution. There could be other ways to press the player into action. Berzerk used Evil Otto.

- by Niklas Jansson, 2008