Concept art and 32-bit assets

These are some assets which I made for the ludum dare game jam in late August, 2013. Not sure where the game is now.

First some concept art (pencil thumbnails and photoshop "ink"). Would've liked to make more enemy variants, but there was no time, as usual. Leaf butterflies, flowers, thorny things, robot-birds, -fish and -snowmen.

Went through many nonsense names and settled on a random nonsense name. We had some ideas revolving around shifting seasons and living enemy ships.

The original files are 4x larger. These are downscaled 1024 rez versions.

Player ship, debris, explosions, puffs, powerups, shields, bullets, missiles. I did not test the animations for any of the art.

Unused stuff.

Neutral (no season color) enemies.

The Nut enemies were just re-colors to save time. They have three animation frames and one damage frame (generates smoke) and one partial destruction frame (after lightly exploding, this hull piece can explode again for total destruction, generating more debris chunks). The Nuts had sub parts, like turrets (see concept art).

The game would shift seasons and there was some kind of matching mechanic going on.

Suddenly, Yaoi.

Art by Arne Niklas Jansson