The Flying Spaghetti Monster

2015 version

New Highrez 2015 version. Not quite identical to original. Just the image - no text.

Image rights - 2016

I hereby (18 March 2016) release my FSM paintings into Public Domain. Do with them as you wish. However, know that I have no intention of fiddling with official merchandise. If you see something out there, some rando probably just made an account on a merc website and uploaded the image and is now making money of it.

Touched for the very first time

Aug. 2, 2005, Morning - At this time, the FSM had just gone 'viral'. His meme version had just gotten a reproduction organ so to speak. Though already incredibly potent, I thought I'd give Him even greater balls. Yes, that was a terrible, terrible forced pun. Anyways, all that existed at the time was the pencil drawing by Bobby.

I'm not sure how I got the idea to use the Sistine Chapel painting, but I'm guessing that the FSM had a noodle in it. In fact, now when I think about it, I clearly remember the sky opening up, and me floating up into a beam of light. His Noodles, spreading out radially, as if to embrace. There was a great thundering message filling my mind: HeLL0 :DDDDD !!!! CNA U DRAWw ME A PIC I CANT PAY ANYTINGBUT PLEEEZA I WANT A ROBOT RIDING A HUGE MONSTAH THAT IS NOW ITS GETTN CONFUSTING CAOZ3 I CANT TaPE OR SPELL OR USE PUNCTUATION!!!!1111!

But then of course I painted something else instead. The painting took about 3-5 hours, and in retrospect I think I should've spent a few more hours on it, and used a larger canvas.

Sep. 29, 2008, Evening - To remedy that somewhat, I have now reworked the painting of the FSM itself. The original painting only was some 500 pixels high (due to the meager size of the Sistine Chapel photo). I realize that some day someone might present me with a photo of a higher resolution, so I undertook some restoration work and increased the resolution to 5000 Glorious pixels and also 'masked' all the edges of His/Her/Its Most Holy Noodly figure.

2015, sometime - I finally did a highrez version. Didn't upload until March 2016 though.

Additional downloads

Since my new 5000 pixel image is 60 MB, I've uploaded a much smaller version here. It's a 1000 pixel high image of just the FSM. The background is transparent. It's saved using Photoshop CS3, resulting in a 3.8 MB .PSD, which is 2.5 MB ZIP'ed.
Right Click, Save

Touched by His Noodly Appendage

The wallpaper I made in '05, but with a newer, crisper FSM from '08. These versions were quite lowrez, even more so now with 4K screens and such. It never printed well.

Radiant Glory of the FSM

HD Widescreen Radiant Glory. It's easy to used the masked image to make stuff like this, but since the Noodles are fogged with white, using a dark background is probably not a good idea. Perhaps I should make another version for that purpose.

Yet another project


I haven't had much time to work on this, but I have a little comic project. The setting involves wooden teapot-shaped spaceships and space faring balloonists. Naturally, there's air or 'aether' in space. Cannonballs are the weapon of choice. Diligent Noodlings man the ship.

FSM chibi SD girl tan

I decided to go for a home-made FSM costume feel. Somewhat inspired by the Nendoroid figurines.

FSM wooden teapot spaceship

Rough concepts. The ship is inspired by a story by Bob Shaw (The Wooden Spaceships, Land and Overland Trilogy).

FSM wooden teapot spaceship

Isometric view to illustrate the deck. The ship is driven through the aether by a flagellum/noodle-like chain (cropped here, it's about twice as long as the ship). Perhaps the front gun is a large harpoon.

- by Niklas Jansson, Sept. 2008.