More Misc.

A basic power splitter, 12V -> 9V & 5V, with some M/F headers and barrel jacks. Sometimes I need to power multiple things and I'm tired of breadboarding PSUs each time.

A simple 5V heat alarm (visual), using a 358 dual comparator and two NTC probes which I can put on my computer and SSD to warn me if something has gone awry. Trimpots to set alarm thresholds. Also, green LEDs make nicer power lights than nasty red, being mild and "OK" in tone.

It draws 0.00A on my PSU when idle and can be powered from USB me thinks. Unfortunately I don't have a datasheet with curves for the NTC thermistors. They seem to be 10K room temp, 7K 36°C (body), 6K 42°C (sun). Trimpots are VR5K + 3.3K, allowing me to set thresholds in hot range. I stuck it in an ESD baggie for isolation when done as I didn't want to make a project box.

The NTC & (5K Trimpot+3K3) forms a voltage divider, that's compared to another 10K & 10K voltage divider, i.e. 50%. so when NTC goes below equal value on (VR 5K + 3K3) the comparator outputs to a superbright LED. Didn't seem to need a 100K across to output for hysteresis reasons.

Layout and reference for soldering (then mirrored).

Yet another compact joypad, this time designed on paper first then digitized. It appears to be quite comfortable.

D-pad to BA distance is just a tad wider than on an original/old gameboy, so the analog nub is about where rubber Start button is, i.e. aligned to thumb swing arcs. D-pad and analog relation and thumb angle is the same as on an old PS1 dual shock, i.e. the thumb is about 45 degrees, not sideways. Different though from the 360 where the left thumb points more up. With fingers on L-R, knuckles are at analog/C height.

Looked into the Klackon from Master of Orion. They might actually come from "Space Marines". According to an designer's notes article in Dragon (Magazine) #14 1978:

"The Klackons are a cross-breed between aliens in Keith Laumer's book THE GLORY GAME and 'The Yops' from a story entitled 'With Friends Like These' by Alan Dean Foster."

The same article also mentions that Space Marines referenced the older Star Guard (an miniatures wargame by John McEwan). Stan Johansen Miniatures produced some Klackon crab miniatures. Since Space Marines already has a "generic" bug race, I think the Klackon filled the crustacean niche. There was a TTRPG called "Space Opera" (same authors afaik) which used the Space Marines setting.

The Mekpurr are also from the Space Marines setting. It seems to feature a lot of cultural stereotype factions in general. Mek-purr... Robots + Feline aliens... *frowns*. The Mekpurr are mostly female, with the males doing the real fighting. Obviously females can't fight so robots are used to fill out the ranks. I'd put a twist on it and make it two types of females that lay soft eggs (despite being feline). They're alien after all. Perhaps the larger ones were just assumed to be males by outside observers, and female isn't really a suitable classification for them either.

Unrelated random piece. Not sure what's happening here, but people suggest it's a bounty hunter and sidekick. I was thinking about Albedo and Other Suns.

Generic Gun Girl. And knee spikes again.

Art by Arne.