Dwarf Fortress concepts

Dwarf Fortress concepts

Dwarf Fortress concepts

Dwarf Fortress concepts

Rubiks cube symbols for colour blind and dyslectic. The idea here is to maximize contrast in value and pattern. A cube may have strong shadows so I avoided grey tones and kept it B/W. Also note that the tiles may rotate individually, so they have to be radially symmetrical.

She-Ra. And Stinkor?

Dungeon Master. I made my own DM engine in AMOS back in the day. It even had pillars, torches and doors. Lost to the sands of time though.

Eye of the Beholder portraits.

One of my early robot designs that I remember, drawn from memory as original got destroyed at some point.

Redraw of an armour design I did in '97.

These were my favourite stickers as a wee lad.. can't seem to find them online though, so I had to draw from memory.

Lock'n'Chase for the Mattel Intellivision was one of the first home video games I played.

How far I've come as an artist.

Koopa Squad. The Koopa Kids were kept in Princess Toadstool's dungeon, but now she needs to assemble a team for dealing with something worse. Much worse...

There's some sort of fanzine with this name.

Soldier 9, General Purpose Tundra Unit. Not much to fight on the Buronian Tundra the until the Coral-men came, bringing packs of Wooly Uueg and other invasive species. Then of course it escalated with the appearance of the Needle Antler mechs. The problematic G7 unit was rushed out to meet the new threat. The conflict ended abruptly when the Frost Wyrms came out of hibernation early, near the end of the 3-year Buronian summer.

Meant to be a TIE X-Wing (to counter the Rebellion) but turned into a wing folding thing instead.


Hardwar... had a lot of potential. I believe Designer's Republic (Wipeout guys) did some of the art, but the ships and models were sadly not suitably styled/polygonal and the game was a bit hard to get into.

Costume inspired by an old sci-fi movie called Aelita.

Aelita maid.


Marina Liteyears.

A "gamer" style keyboard computer design.

Are lizard-people furries?

Actual furries?

Safety first. Falling rocks presents a real hazard to tomb raiders.

Another tomb raider.

DBZ character Rui... it might be original.

I rather like this more mechanical Sardaukar design from Dune II (Amiga/DOS).

Guild Navigator.

Ship doodles while reading Empire & Foundation. Vaguely based on Foss' cover iirc.

Kalium from Moon Trap.

My interpretation of some of the beta Pokémon concepts.

Prank logo for Konjak games.

Digging up those E.T. cartridges.

Warding off raptors.

Art (c) Arne Niklas Jansson.