Starsiege: Tribes

Chibi Tribes

I quite like Tribes 1, although it was more fun back in the day when there were more amateurs around, and less scripts (which are borderline cheating, imo). It's also very difficult for beginners to get into a game where they are out-skii'd, and mine-disc'd into oblivion at every turn... Hurry up with that station! Hurry up with that station! Tribes has a long learning curve and it's only veterans left playing the game now. Anyways, I decided to draw some chibi-style Tribes men and women, but didn't get very far.

Chibi Tribes

I looked into a few other Dynamix games ( Hunter Hunted, EarthSiege 1-2, CyberStorm 1-2, StarSiege ) for inspiration.

Blood Eagles - These are (or were) Imperial Knights, apparently. I want to give them a clean heraldic look. I made the Light a female (because females are smaller), the Medium a man, and the Heavy a cyborg (because a human would be disjointed trying to fit into that armor).

Diamond Sword - Some kind of medieval ornamented knight dudes, according to the Luis Royo concept/painting. I think the Tribes 1 skin had too high contrast on the ornamented bits, so I mistook it for techy bits. I didn't get very far with my designs here.

Cybrid Metagens - The sniper guy in Vengeance is apparently a Cybrid, which suits me because I drew them that way before knowing about it. The Cybrids have been all over the place, designwise. First they were just regular gray mechs, then they turned into organic looking dark gray mechs after stumbling upon alien technology. I was thinking that the Tribes move into Cybrid territory and start using their bases and stuff, so I used the brown-blue vehicle color scheme on my Cybrids to suggest some kind of relation there.

Emperor Petresun - Could be alive, in theory. He's immortal and we never really see him die.

Kullrathu - The minotaurs from Hunter Hunted. I like their 'angler fish' mouth. Kind of crazy that these guys belong to the Tribes universe, but I like crazy.

Bioderm - I think these guys are introduced in the Cyberstorm series. From what I gather, they are engineered soldiers (not necessarily human) who have a limited life span. They rebelled some time before Tribes 2, where they look like beasts. I'm not sure what the ones Luis Royo drew (on the female tribeswoman concept/painting) are supposed to be. They must have defeated the mechanism which limits their lifespan. I imagine them being a conglomerate of strange creations now.

Old notes

I made a few notes about a Tribes game a few years ago.

First, I tried to come up with a way to make the terrain easy to read, understand and memorize. It needs to use certain structures for this to work.

Tribes design notes

Then, I obsessed a bit about character customization. Generally I prefer simulation over abstraction (which could be seen as 'baked in' simulation + game balancing).

Tribes design notes


Random: A StarSiege (EarthSiege 3) Emancipator texture/skin. I like the idea of cameras and screens rather than windows, but perhaps canon has it that 'crys' is used as a window material. I managed to produce a beveled look (using just the texture) thanks to the models being rather flat shaded. Unfortunately a lot of the pieces on the UV map overlap, so I had to make some texture bits work on different locations. WIP, I haven't cleaned it up on a pixel level.


I have never played Gloom. It's slightly related to Tribes, in the sense that it's a first person shooter game with a strategy element (deployable, bases), so I'm gonna put it here. I gave the bugs six legs since eight is too crowded - it's like trying to draw five fingers on a cartoon character. Still, I put in a pair of extra mandibles which could count as devolved legs.

Gloom chibi Quake redesigns

- by Niklas Jansson, Mars 2010. - The rights to Tribes now belong to Garage Games (run by Dynamix guys) if I'm not mistaken. I'm not sure if they also bought back rights to the Starsiege universe. Anyways, Sierra published the Dynamix games back in the day.