X-COM game verbs (things to do at an abstract level)

Global map

This is a surface of some sort where both the two sides can build bases and move around with ships. These are point coordinates associated with more detailed base and ship entries. The surface has country regions and terrain regions. Ocean is inhospitable.

Alien/Computer controlled bases might be abstracted (though a tile map representation is needed during invasions). They develop in "power" when a supply ship reaches them. They send out terror ships which move to certain locations and start a terror event. They also send out scout ships which look for the player bases. Battleships will hunt for player ships and perhaps bases, starting a base invasion event. Colony ships will establish a new base. Ships originate from space (random atmospheric entry location) or from alien bases.

Every time interval, the alien bases might develop their power further. A powerful alien base in a country has a negative impact on the economy even if not detected. This country will supply the player with less funds. Rampant terror missions will reduce funds more drastically. Each powerful base will construct ships and speed up technological development, giving the Aliens more powerful ships and units. It's important to detect and destroy aliien bases. There is no rubber-banding.

Ship-Ship combat could be very simple and abstracted, like an RPG encounter. Aside from role, the ships have armour, speed and weapon stats. They can be loaded with units. Each ship has a tile map representation for landings.

The result of ship combat varies from "got away" to crash, to complete destruction. Any ships crashing in water are lost. Crashed ships generate a battle location using the appropriate terrain.

Alien ships can land for some shenanigans (not as serious as terror missions). These ships also generate a battle location.

Player base

A base consists of a number of facilities and also stores a number of units, items, ships, etc. Each facility might correspond with a small tile map room which is only revealed during base invasions. Facilities cost money and time to produce. Damaged facilities (above a certain threshold) have to be repaired (works like building). Damage could be persistent as a player might be invaded (or invade) in quick succession.

Facilities and units all have associated maintenance costs which are subtracted each time period. A player can not be "in the red" for more than a certain amount of time periods or it's game over. Isolated facilities will be deactivated. They can be "rebuilt" really fast.

Alien Base

Consists of a number of enigmatic locations such as autopsy rooms, strange device rooms, hangars, etc. Probably generated at random. Doesn't need to make absolute sense because it's mostly hidden from the player. New facilities are added with "power". Each alien base has a certain set of inhabitants and not a random mess. Each game also has a limited set of alien types. This to give the player something to adapt to.

Battle location

This is the isometric TBS thingy with fog of war. etc. This section to be written. Maybe I'll generate a random outcome for engagements, and write this most difficult part later.

Reference objects and living objects

There are many structures to be stored. Humans, Aliens, Artefacts, Schematics, Usable items (such as weapons etc), Encyclopaedia entries, Ships, Terrain bits. Also, Technologies (each item is made out of technologies, which are revealed during research, and perhaps used to generate stats). Alien corpses can also contain technologies. There needs to be prefab tile maps for facilities and general map generation. Unsure if "living" objects should reference reference objects or just hold all of the variables and waste a little memory.